[REVIEW] Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip (#So Good and #On Point)

Pony Effect, the brand crafted by Pony (through Memebox, I believe?) a Korean makeup artist. If you want more information on the woman behind the brand, there's a fair bit of information on her via Google. And she has her own YouTube channel with tutorials, but this review is not on Pony, but her brand. And for complete transparency, I did buy these (and previous products from the brand) solely because it is from Pony and the packaging is lovely. Scroll to the bottom for the TL;DR version!

Get to the point...


I purchased #On Point as part of the Confident Summer Look set, and #So Good separately, from Beauty Box Korea (which are a great company, with reasonable prices and an amazing array of items). On Point, from the pictures HERE, can be described as a muted coral pink where So Good is more of an orchid purple. Christina Hello points out the difficulty of finding unique shades  in Korean lip products, and I'm inclined to agree (also check out her blog, it's awesome). As someone who loves vivid purples and reds, it's been a bit of a struggle to find something that would suit my features.

Is it true to colour?

As you can see in the swatch on my arm, these aren't quite the colour they appear to be in the pictures. On Point pulls more red/orange than pink (which actually looks a lot like Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Cozy), and So Good is definitely a truer match to the picture, but oddly darker than in the tube.


These swatches, taken inside (yes, I do have glass tables inside and outside!), show a similar story, but again - the purple is a bit more true to colour.


It's marketed as a matte lip, but I'll be honest (as opposed to...not?) - it reminds me more of the satin lips from Colourpop in terms of formula. It has a slight candy cherry smell to it, which, combined with the slight chemical-y liquid lipstick smell makes it seem a little off colour, but it's not horrible. I had to do a double-take-smell to confirm, but it's definitely cherry Starburst. It's also cruelty free, and you can find a list of the ingredients over here for On Point and So Good.

Application and wear

There pictures (double click for a bigger version!)  are taken outside, during the day, and while they're not the best shot, comparing them to other pictures I'd taken throughout the day, they show the best on my skin (hence the full-face photo, sorry about the shade). These are both taken about half-way through the day, and I will say - this is not a matte lip. It definitely transfers, and it's nigh impossible to create a sharp lip with the doe foot applicator alone. For On Point I used a lip brush (which is why it, quite frankly, looks better).


And as you can see, it does smear a little easier than expected (and comes off completely with very little effort...with an oil cleanser). On Point in particular smeared a lot easier than So Good. This is why I compare the product to the ultra satin lip, though Pony Effect does sink more into fine lines like a matte liquid lipstick. Exfoliation, and a lip brush is key. And like the satin lip, it's surprisingly moisturizing. I fully expected it to be drying, but was pleasantly surprised. However, your mileage may vary, and I'll be wearing these in the future with a priming lipbalm underneath.

The colours are buildable when you first apply (though you only need the one layer for the best look), however I wouldn't recommend touching up too much throughout the day - you may be better off removing and reapplying for a nicer look. I attempted to layer So Good and it looked incredibly patchy and uneven.

As a sidenote it does wear off quickly, especially on the inside of the lips. Takes about an hour or so, but it's not a huge issue if you don't mind fixing it. And I think it would adhere better with a lip primer.

Final...results and wrap up!

Packaging is gorgeous. Wear is pretty good, but could be better. Colours are nice. However - unless you're a huge fan of the packaging, and the brand, then I would highly recommend looking towards something cheaper like Nyx and Colourpop. These colours in Pony's collection are dupable, and it's hard to justify the cost.

Packaging: Almost perfect, the applicator is not precise on its own. Not quite true to tube-colour.
Price: $16.91USD/$22.61AUD/$21.85CAD
Colouring: Pretty, more unique than what's commonly available in Korean lip products.
Availability: I purchased mine from Beauty Box Korea, they're also available on Memebox and TesterKorea (at a different price).


Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links, and every opinion across all platforms are mine, and mine alone.