[REVIEW] Thank You Farmer: True Water Light Gel Cream

It's been a hot minute. Hello, strangers. Here's a review on a product I bought a few months back, but haven't gotten around to reviewing it yet because life tends to get in the way of internet things that aren't YouTube (specifically, dog videos. And llamas. A few cats thrown in for fun.)

Full disclaimer - these opinions are most certainly my own, and this product was not provided for red hot PR, or any sort of sponsorship. 


Oh, that flash...

Thank You Farmer is a Korean company, who have some sort of ethos, if you can call it that. Spoiler alert, it's some great ass-covering if their products don't work for your skin. The only reason I'm going into such detail for this is because I'll be reviewing more of their products, and I'd rather not keep doing the full history of the company á la The Babysitters Club.

Brand Story     

THANK YOU FARMER will not promise miracles and magic spells.

Even the most popular cosmetic cannot turn a 40-year-old woman’s skin back to baby skin.
Even the most expensive products cannot correct your skin’s problems in a week.
However, using good products regularly will help your skin restore its natural strength and slow the aging of cells.
The way of becoming healthy and beautiful naturally and gradually without burdening the skin - This is the honest promise of THANK YOU FARMER.

Say what you will about the company, but I think it's fantastic they point out the impossibility of anti-aging products. They also mention being simple, yet elegant products, sophisticated, etc. As for the farmer part...

Being a farmer is the most honest job.

Nature pays for a farmer’s sweat and a wise farmer knows that there is no shortcut when working with nature. THANK YOU FARMER makes cosmetics with the heart of a farmer.
We will choose to increase the contents of good ingredients rather than listing the difficult names of ingredients and earn your trust with good quality of products rather than dazzling you with fancy advertisements.
We will satisfy you with the results you can see in the mirror rather than instant outcomes.
THANK YOU FARMER will discover the most natural balance your skin wants.

It's a bit saccharine but it's a rather nice back story to the brand, and according to Beautibi (the first official US resellers of the brand), they're cruelty free as well. 


I'll put up my routine one day. For now, I use this product at the end of my day routine, before sunscreen (if I'm going outside - otherwise, it's a great last step). I started using it during the start of a very humid wet season of summer in FNQ, and have almost finished it, while in the middle of...spring-type weather (which can be drying). This product is sufficient enough for summer moisturizing, for combination/normal/oily prone skin.

PINK. Well, pinkish. Apricot, I call it!

According to Thank You Farmer, this product is: 

A light and refreshing moisturizing gel cream that is as fresh as a deep-hydrating juice of fruits. A thin protective barrier that is light and fresh yet long-lasting. Feels fresh and suitable for oil/combination skin. A natural moisturizing gel cream that captures your heart with a sensible fragrance. Feels cooler when kept refrigerated / Applies more smoothly when applied with a brush.

So gel like. It's what you'd ought to expect from something calling itself a gel cream.

It has a light, subtle citrus smell to it, and it reminds me a little of an Aperol spritz. The texture is a light gel - it's somewhat cooling when you slather it onto your skin, and it's easy to overuse, as it tends to absorb into the skin almost straight away. It dries to a matte finish, and does not seem to contribute to breakouts or clogging of pores. That being said, my skin was looking quite nice for a while, before my break happened, but I would not contribute it to this cream.

The light sheen. It absorbs so easily! And the farmer's tan is apt for the product.

The matte finish does not last for the entirety of the day, and I do notice my face getting that 3pm shine around...well, 3pm. It's not a problem when I'm home alone, but it's worth a mention. 

This product also layers well under primer and foundation (as well as cushions, and BB creams), and does not pill (which is more than I can say for the sunscreen from TYF, but that's another review). 

As for size of jar? 50ml of product. Not a whole lot. 

To me, it's quite a small amount for the price.


According to COSDNA (Fifty Shades of Snail inputted it, so all the credit to her), the main stand out ingredients in terms of irritants are: Squalane (1 for acne, and it is an emollient, moisturizer and antioxident), Cyclopentasiloxane (3 for safety, if you're concerned), Polyacrylamide (4 for safety), CI 17200 (1 for acne), and fragrance (which is dependant on your own skin/preference/etc). Read the full lowdown over HERE. Otherwise, it's got some nice ingredients, and didn't irritate me in the slightest. That being said, it has one ingredient that apparently has anti-inflammatory properties, but I did not notice any difference on that front. 


This product doesn't claim to change my skin. It does add some sort of moisturizing, and it's enough for summer. What I love most about this product is primarily the scent, and the finish of the product. It's a wonderful gel-based cream that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to have a more matte finish. The downside - that matte feeling? It doesn't last. Overall, would I purchase it again? 

...No. It's terribly expensive, and it only lasted for a couple of months. If you have any recommendations for a similar product though, I'm all ears! And if I found this on sale, or at least more easily accessible (Amy from Boyahshop kindly procured this for me, I'd repurchase it. 


PACKAGING: Sturdy jar, could be somewhat unhygenic if you're not into jars, but you can always use a spatula.
PRICEsigh. 36,000KRW, and 38USD on Pink Seoul.
RESULTS: Does what it says - it helps to hydrate oily/combo skin. What more could you want?
AVAILABILITY: Scarce. Used to be available on Beautibi, but has since sold out and there won't be a restock. Otherwise, the only other place I could find is at Pink Seoul. If you're in Korea, or want to use a buying service, KoreanBuddy and Amy from Boyah Shop (keep in mind she's on hiatus for now though!) can assist with purchasing directly from TYF mall.