[Blog] Cushion Foundations (or how I learned to stop comparing my collection to others)

I don’t see the point in collecting cushion foundations. Wait, I can rephrase that better – I just can’t personally justify collecting cushion foundations. Hear me out: I’m fickle. I’m a hoarder of many items (eyeshadows, lip products, clothing back in the day…makeup in general, skincare…sort of…DVDs and CDs when it was cool…etc etc). But somehow I drew the line at cushion foundations. Don’t get me wrong, they’re functional as hell. And there’s some amazing designs. I mean, I fell into the trap of getting an incredibly pretty Verite cushion that I definitely regret to some point. And that’s probably why I avoid buying up on cushion foundations no matter how good looking they were.

When I work, I rarely wear makeup unless going out afterwards. And in my downtime, I only gussy up when I go out. So why do I have so many eyeshadows and lip products? Cost, practicality, going back to my old thought process of  "well, my skin's terrible anyway, might as well cover it to high heaven and just use colours to distract from bumps and grossness!"

IOPE was my first cushion, almost four years ago. 

And we had the worst relationship. My skin was fairly bad at this stage, to the point where I actually gave up and went back to using The Face Shop watery BB cream (which was far worse in hindsight, and made my skin an oil slick worthy of BP), but like most base makeup I was buying, I was only interested in coverage, and not how my skin was afterwards. Or during, for that matter. That being said, I went for full coverage foundation (Illamasqua, still the real MVP).

It's only been in the last year when my skin finally calmed down enough through experimenting with different skincare products and lifestyle changes that I finally embraced less coverage and convenience. Yet I'm still not a huge collector. Don't get me wrong, I’ve slowly gathered a collection of various cushions. Some of them I’ve given away, others I’ve simply thrown out. 

I see a lot of people's cushion collections, and I'll be honest - my first thought is always, "that's adorable why don't I have so many woe is me". Then I realize, 'hey - I can't afford to buy that many cushions. I have difficulty matching colours (fairly certain I'm #21, definitely on this side of C, but...am I?) and how will I use them up?' 

In the back of my mind I know there's a limit to how long you can keep foundation for, and I tend to be wary of that. That being said, now that I've got this site up and running, maybe I'll start vlogging. Maybe I'll finally use up everything and buy more. Maybe I'll even start collecting and stop stressing over colour matching and skin types and maybe I'll stop thinking about spiders in the middle of the night. 

For now, I'm just going to gaze longingly at your cushion collection. Like the creeper that I am. Kind of negates the title of this blog, huh?