The importance of being a furnace - going from a clever play on words, to an instagram, to a tiny blog on Wordpress, to a somewhat legitimate website. A collection of reviews, photos, and essays on skincare, beauty, and all things interesting.

Jessica, founder and creator.


A brief look into the process.

There's nothing less interesting than someone talking about themselves, or their creative process. It's why writers are such quiet people, and you never hear that they've been working on a book until it has been published. 

Obviously that first paragraph is a complete crock of shit. The problem, I found, was after I had started studying, I didn't have as much time for writing, but I was still rather opinionated, and motivated to do something. Sure, I could write short stories here and there, but I wanted something more substantial. And of course, YouTube was there for me in my time of procrastination. 

I've always had an interest in all things beauty, and have endeavoured to fix my skin on my own, through witchcraft, trial and error, and copious amounts of alcohol. It turns out that the latter is not a solution, and may indeed, impede progression. Who knew, right? However, I had uncovered many sources of frustration along the way - inaccurate information on products, blatantly obvious shilling, and product bandwagon hopping. 

For me, someone who has struggled with genetically terribly acne-prone and sensitive skin for years, it's difficult enough to find the right ingredients to get along with this fickle mess, much less the right product. And, with a little push from some very dear people, I created my first blog. 

The story doesn't end there - I furthered my education through all things dermatology-related, and discovered that maybe I wasn't alone in wanting to take a more scientific approach to beauty. Or maybe I'm just talking into the great Internet void. Who knows?

This blog is a place for my reviews on products, some sick pictures, and essays on all things beauty related (and maybe some other fun things thrown in there). It is not a place to talk about how great a product is, unless it truly is. And believe me, I'm a tough cookie to please. Your favorite product may have received a scathing review from me, and that's okay too. I don't believe in 'Your Milage May Vary', because I use kilometres, and if a product doesn't work, then there's a damn good reason why not. 

And I'm here to tell you all about it.